Each of our bars feature beans from a different single origin or region.  Cacao beans have distinctive flavors (similar to grapes in wine) that vary drastically depending on where they are grown and harvested, and how they are processed.

We dream of one day sourcing entirely from Kauai and the other Hawaiian islands.  However, Hawaiian beans are the most rare, so we also source from other locations we have visited and feel connected to.

Our primary countries of origin are:

  • Indonesia (Bali)
  • Ecuador
  • United States (Hawaii)


Bean-to-bar chocolate making is as much a movement as it is a process.

Bean-to-bar chocolate makers develop direct relationships with cacao growers, create small, unique batches of chocolate highlighting the natural flavors of the beans, use minimal ingredients, and educate the public about the magic of bean-to-bar chocolate as compared to commercial chocolate.

As bean-to-bar chocolate makers, we are committed to sourcing sustainably (and locally when we can) in our quest to make the very best tasting chocolate we can.


We create our craft chocolate bars from scratch. Every bar is hand-crafted with love each step of the way, until the final wrapping and batch stamp is applied.

We start by sorting beans for quality, then we slow roast, winnow, grind, add organic sugar, age, temper, mold and finally package for consumption.

The entire process takes over a month from start to finish, and it’s worth every moment.  You’ll know when you taste it.