Major Milestones

Wild Kauai Chocolate was born out of the passion of lead chocolate maker,Debbie Williamson, after she and husband, Mark Williamson, moved to the island of Kauai.  A long time lover of craft chocolate, Debbie began to experiment with making healthier chocolate and soon fell in love with the complexities of the bean-to-bar chocolate making process.

Debbie’s longtime business compadre, Kellie Lin Knott, become involved in the business when Debbie made the leap from hobbyist to certified chocolate maker.

In February 2020, Lance and Amy Hale travel to Kauai, meeting with Debbie and Kellie concerning the sale of Wild Kauai Chocolate. The Hales agree to buy Wild Kauai Chocolate. In June 2020, they assume ownership.

  • 2015 March – Wild Kauai brand was created.

  • 2016 February – Debbie leads a chocolate making training in Kauai.

  • 2016 September – Debbie and Kellie fly to Ann Arbor, Michigan to for Ecole Chocolate Master Chocolate Making Training with Barbara Wilson of Mindo Chocolate.

  • 2016 October – Site selection for Wild Kauai Chocolate.  Kitchen opens soon.

  • 2017 May – Wild Kauai Chocolate opens on Kauai.

  • 2017 September – Wild Kauai Chocolate School, Internships and Build-A-Bar Workshops begin.

  • 2018 July – Debbie & Imua Coffee Roasters co-brand an Indonesian Coffee Bar.

  • 2018 December – Debbie creates new Peppermint Matcha bar.

  • 2019 January – Debbie & Eat Healthy Kauai (Owners, John & PJ) co-brand the Not So Simple bar.

  • 2020 June – Lance and Amy Hale become owners of Wild Kauai Chocolate, training under Debbie Williamson to become Certified Chocolate Makers.

  • November 2020 – Chocolate Santa Workshops begin, a new chocolate making event.

  • January 2021 Valentine’s Heart Workshops begin – a new chocolate making event.

  • March 2021 Chocolate Easter Bunny Workshops begin – another new chocolate making event

  • May 2021 Host our first Mother’s Day Tea and Chocolate Making Event.