Build a Bar Workshops and Chocolate School are now available Tuesday-Friday at Wild Kauai Chocolate.

You already know we make amazing chocolate and chocolate tea, but our heart is in teaching people about chocolate. We do that by offering our chocolate making experiences. Read on to learn more!

Build A Bar Workshop (2 hours – $60)

Available Tuesdays-Fridays from 9:30-11:15am. Not a typical island tour, but one delicious adventure for sure! 

Our chocolate making class will teach you how we make our small-batch, hand-crafted bars, from bean-to-bar. We will begin with exploring the art of bean sorting, gently roasting, grinding, and tempering with testing and tasting along the way. You will mold and wrap your very own bars. We’ll take you through our complete process hands-on. Includes kitchen tour, hands-on experience and two custom-made bars of chocolate to take home. All are welcome.

Chocolate School

Available Tuesdays-Fridays from 9-4pm. Wild Kauai Chocolate offers a 4-day informative & delicious in depth experience in our bean to bar chocolate making kitchen. Get introduced to bean-to-bar chocolate and learn how we make our unique chocolate bars! Taste chocolate throughout our process. Receive an official Chocolate-Making Certificate upon completion. All are welcome. Learn more about Chocolate School here.

It’s not just chocolate, it’s an experience.