Are you looking for the perfect healthy pick-me-up drink? One that is organic and gluten-free? Look no further. You need to experience the delights of cacao tea!

How Healthy is Cacao Tea?

Cacao tea is good for your heart.  It is full of antioxidants. It is a strong source of magnesium, which is essential for heart health, and also aids in muscle and nerve function. Cacao tea contains iron and zinc. It’s a healthy fat and thermogenic. Research shows that the tea can even lower your blood pressure!

But, that’s not all. Cacao tea has a number of vitamins, including an abundance of vitamins C and E. If you need to add fiber to your diet, rest assured you will find it in cacao.

What could be better? How about the fact that it also is caffeine free. That’s right. Drink the concoction which tastes like hot chocolate in the afternoon and evening without the worry of a restless night’s sleep.

Here are some of the benefits of the vitamins and minerals found in the tea:

  • Magnesium – Aids in bone health, decreased risk of Type 2 Diabetes, helps with muscle and nerve function, lower blood pressure, mitigates migraines, may reduce depression and anxiety
  • Iron – Helps in proper function of hemoglobin, increased energy and focus
  • Zinc – Aids with immune system and metabolism functions, prevents macular degeneration, activates T-cells
  • Vitamin C – Helps with immune system, can lower blood pressure, lowers risk of heart disease, aids in memory
  • Vitamin E – A powerful antioxidant preventing cells from damage, moisturizes skin, promotes wound healing, reduces eczema and psoriasis, prevents fine lines and wrinkles, and promotes nail health.

Get Your Cacao Tea at Wild Kauai Chocolate

The tea is made from the husks of the cacao bean, a by-product of the bean-to-bar process. After roasting the beans, the are winnowed, separating the nibs (used in chocolate) from the husks (used in tea). The husks, once discarded by chocolate makers, are now put to good use in tea.

Come and try some on us! Brewed daily for you when you stop into the Wild Kauai Chocolate shop or book a Build-a-Bar class.

Are you a cacao tea convert? You can have Wild Kauai Chocolate’s tea anytime. Get your Cacao Tea from our online store today!

Cacao Tea

Wild Kauai Chocolate 4 oz. Cacao Tea.

How to Make Your Cacao Tea

It’s simple. Add a couple of teaspoons per 8 oz. of hot water. Steep for five minutes and enjoy. Add more or less for your personal taste. Yes, you do taste the hints of hot chocolate, and you can always add some cinnamon or sugar to enhance the flavor.

Do you prefer coffee over tea? If so, try adding some cacao husks to your coffee grounds. Enjoy the health benefits of cacao with your morning (or afternoon) cup of Joe.

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