Please welcome Lance and Amy Hale, the new owners of Wild Kauai Chocolate.

The Hale family moved to Kauai from Colorado with a 12-year-old son and a 10-year-old daughter. How and why did they make the jump to Kauai?

Last year, the family vacationed on Kauai and Oahu. While on Kauai, the family explored every inch of the island and fell in love with the people and the land. They returned home to Colorado, and realized that Kauai now felt like their true home.

All four family members discussed their love for the Garden Island, and started making plans to move in a couple of years.

The timeline shortened when Amy started researching businesses for sale on the island. She found Wild Kauai Chocolate. After some investigative phone conversations with previous owner, Debbie Williamson, Amy knew without doubt that the Hale family should buy the business. She then had to “sell” the idea to the rest of the family,

The family quickly agreed to pursue the opportunity. Following a trip in February to meet the owner, Lance and Amy jumped at the chance to become the new owners of Wild Kauai Chocolate.

Plans changed unexpectedly when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the globe. The Hales were unsure if a move and business purchase made sense. However, after jumping through too many hurdles, they finally found a way to sell their Colorado home, buy a home on Kauai, purchase a business, and move the family (which includes two dogs and an 18-year-old cat) to the Garden Island.

Lance and Amy are committed to making the same bean-to-bar chocolate you have come to know and love. The process has not changed even though ownership has.

The Hale family eagerly seeks opportunities to share in the beauty and community of Kauai. We cannot wait to partner with you in making our island a little bit more enjoyable with the taste of dark chocolate. We hope to meet you soon.